Camping and Caravanning: Security Tips You Can’t Ignore

With summer on the horizon, you may be thinking about your upcoming holidays, and if you are all set for a camping trip, whether you’re staying in a tent or a caravan, there are some essential steps you’ll need to take to secure your valuables whilst you enjoy your well-earned break.

With summer on the horizon, you may be thinking about your upcoming holidays, and if you are all set for a camping trip, whether you’re staying in a tent or a caravan, there are some essential steps you’ll need to take to secure your valuables whilst you enjoy your well-earned break.

Caravan security

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is that caravans and tents can be prime targets for opportunistic thieves on the lookout for easy pickings. If you are planning a camping or caravanning trip this summer, read on for our top camping and caravan security tips.

Camping security – how to keep your valuables safe under canvas

Camping security starts with common sense. Leaving non-essential valuables at home, secured in a safe of course, is a wise move. Give plenty of thought to what you really need to take with you, bearing in mind that whatever you do pack that’s of any value, you’ll have to keep on you whenever you head off out for the day.

Next up, when you arrive onsite, make contact with the site owners. They’ll address any concerns you have over security and let you know what to do if a problem arises. They’ll also let you know if they have any facilities available to store essential valuables, such as a site office safe.

Get to know your campsite neighbours too. You’ll feel a lot better if there’s a friendly pair of eyes watching over your camp when you’re not there.

Bear in mind that would-be thieves are more likely to target secluded tents, especially those hidden by trees or vegetation. So try to pitch up in a busier area, close to the communal facilities where there are a lot more people coming and going, with your tent doors facing into the main camp. Wherever possible, try to choose a gated or access controlled campsite, so that it’s much harder for non-residents to get onsite.

Lastly, never leave any valuables on show. If you’re sitting outside, keep the tent doors closed, and never leave furniture or cookware outside under an awning if you’re heading out for the day.

Storing valuables in a tent

Always remember that it won’t take much for a determined thief to get through canvas if they really want to, which makes affixing a padlock to your tent somewhat futile. In fact, a lock on a tent tends to send a message to thieves that there is something valuable inside.

Instead, you are better off keeping valuables in a locked car boot. Invest in a car boot safe or strong box that’s tethered down and you’ll feel that bit more reassured.

For larger items, such as bicycles, furniture or camping stoves, invest in a cable lock and secure them to a nearby pole or tree, choosing a well-lit place that’s in full view of the campsite.

Night time camping security

Night time is usually the most likely time opportunistic campsite thieves will be on the prowl. So be sure to zip your tent up fully once you’re inside for the night, including the fly mesh. Secure the zippers together with a shoelace rather than a padlock so that if you need to get out urgently in the night, you can do so easily.

Never leave valuables around the tent whilst you’re sleeping. Instead, stash them into a small bag, place them at the bottom of your sleeping bag, then zip it up fully. That way, if anyone tries to take anything, they’ll wake you up first.

Caravan security – staying safe onsite

As with camping, the same applies to caravan security and common sense. Leave non-essential valuables at home, choose your pitch location wisely, get to know the caravan site owners, make friends with your neighbours, and never leave valuables on display. And be sure to close and lock doors, windows and roof lights when heading out for the day.

Securing valuables in a caravan

A small safe is always a wise investment for a caravan or motorhome. If it’s your own van, fix the safe in place permanently.

If you’re renting, invest in a tethered travel safe. Often constructed from heavy duty steel, these safes are impenetrable, and are secured in place with a robust, lockable cable.

Caravan security measures

It’s also wise to upgrade the security of your caravan’s window and door locks, especially if it’s an older model. Of course this will only apply if it’s your own van. If it isn’t, think about taking a portable, battery powered smart security kit with you comprising motion sensors and a small CCTV camera.

Not only will this setup alert you instantly via your smartphone if someone is trying to access your van when you’re out, it will also act as a deterrent for would-be thieves.

Preventing caravan theft

Caravan theft is common, so it’s vital to make sure yours is secure.

Use a wheel clamp to immobilise the van. Choose from models that cover the wheel, or that go through the spokes or gaps in the hub. If you opt for an accredited device, then you may save money on your caravan insurance premium.

Hitch locks cover and lock the towing hitch mechanism on a caravan, making it impossible for anyone else to use your hitch to tow your caravan away. Again, an accredited device may reduce your caravan insurance premium.

Finally, a tracking device will improve your chances of recovering your caravan should it be stolen.

If you’re storing your caravan or motorhome between trips, our guide to caravan and motorhome security should prove useful.

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