How to Protect Your Laptop Whilst Travelling

Here we share some useful tips to help you reduce your chances of being parted from your laptop whilst travelling.

Laptop security

Many people travel with their laptops, whether for business or pleasure. The fact they are so portable, and make it easier to undertake certain tasks than smartphones or tablets, has made them a travel staple. However, it is the very fact that they are so mobile yet valuable that makes them more likely to be lost, stolen or damaged whilst travelling.

In the UK, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. And it seems everyone is losing them too… the government lost 2,000 devices in 2019-2020, equating to 39 a week! Laptops left on trains, buses and aeroplanes are commonplace, and travelling puts them at more risk of being dropped or bumped as well.

It is therefore very worrying that many organisations don’t have a physical security policy in place for electronic assets, and that many don’t even think about using physical locks to protect their tech. Considering that fines for data loss levied by the Information Commissioner’s Office can hit £17.5 million, or 4 per cent of annual worldwide turnover, it has to be said that it is vital that steps are taken to protect devices like laptops from falling into the wrong hands.

With this in mind, here are some useful tips to help you reduce your chances of being parted from your laptop whilst travelling.

Lockable laptop cases

Not only will a lockable, padded laptop case that’s designed for purpose protect your device from damage, it will also help defend against theft too.

Lockable cases are a major deterrent. If a thief spots a potential victim with a locked laptop case, and one without, guess which one they’ll go for? Obviously the easier target without the lock.

Laptop security locks

A laptop security cable is either key or combination lock based and can be used to fix the laptop to a chair arm or desk when you’re working in a public place, hotel room or co-working space. Ideal if you need to nip to the bathroom or leave the hotel for a stroll, or to go to dinner.

Laptop alarms

It is also possible to purchase high end laptop locks that feature motion sensors and alarms. So for example, if you are taking a nap, and someone tries to pull your laptop away from you, the lock will sense movement and trigger the alarm to alert you.

Invest in a travel safe

Not every hotel offers the benefit of a safe in the room. So what to do when you go out and need to leave your laptop behind? And it’s not just your laptop you’ll want to safeguard. Your passport, cash and other valuables are all at risk in a hotel room unless safely locked away.

This is where a portable travel safe comes into its own. These safes are compact enough to pack in your luggage, yet secure enough to prevent theft and deter thieves.

Travel safes are just the right size to accommodate a small laptop and tech devices, together with other valuables. They are often supplied with a high strength tethering cable, allowing them to be securely attached to a permanent fixture within the room, such as a fitted desk.

Features vary from model to model, but can include a programmable digital lock, double steel wall construction, fire resistant insulation, a concealed hinge for added theft protection, and emergency access keys. Many have a soft lining to protect your devices, and a carrying handle for ease of portability.

Other ways to keep your laptop safe whilst travelling

Aside from physical security, there are some other steps you can take to protect your laptop whilst travelling:

  • Do a full backup of all your data before your trip, and set it to backup automatically so you can remotely wipe it if required
  • Activate a screen lock that appears after a short period of inactivity
  • Secure your device with a passcode or biometric access
  • Use Find My Device and remote locking to track your computer and lock it remotely if you become parted from it
  • Set up multi-factor authentication for all your logins so that if someone does get their hands on your laptop, they will need a passcode to access your accounts
  • Keep a note of your device serial number so you can supply it in a crime report and potentially retrieve it should it be found
  • Mark your laptop with an advanced property marking system such as microdot, DNA or chemical marking so that it becomes instantly identifiable as your property and can be traced back to you should it be stolen and retrieved.

Laptop security advice from Barry Bros Security

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