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Here we share with you our most trusted security brands, with an overview of their history and the security solutions they offer.

Security brands

At Barry Bros Security, we have been providing a trusted nationwide service to home and business owners for more than 75 years. From accredited locksmiths to a full range of key duplication and repair services, and from an extensive variety of physical security measures designed to protect domestic and commercial properties, to an array of electronic security solutions, whatever you need to keep all you value safe, you can consider it available from Barry Bros Security.

When you visit our showroom in London, or discuss your security needs with one of our expert team members, you will find that you will be recommended certain security brands. These will be brands with whom we have, over the years, developed enduring relationships. Brands we trust and respect for their quality of service and workmanship, for their commitment to developing cutting edge solutions, and for their integrity.

Here we share with you our most trusted brands, with an overview of their history and the security solutions they offer.

Abloy is a leading manufacturer of locking systems and architectural hardware. A brand that has been trusted for 110 years, Abloy, owned by ASSA ABLOY, offers the ultimate in reassurance when securing your property.


Abloy security brands

For electric locks and strikes, rim and mortice locks, door cylinders, door operators, closers and other accessories, Abloy is the brand of choice across the globe. And when it comes to sustainability, the brand’s energy saving range of electric locks uses far less energy than magnetic locks.

Notable brands include Cliq, SmartAir and Optima, all offering remote sophisticated access control solutions with simple and flexible installation, and the brand’s time-delay and microswitch locks are designed to secure a range of high risk assets such as safes and connection boxes.


ASSA security brands

A brand respected throughout the world, Assa specialises in high performance access solutions. Electronic locking systems, high level electromechanical key systems and a variety of regular and high security door and lock essentials have made ASSA a brand that is relied upon by organisations in the regulated sector.

When compliance matters, Assa steps in with a range of leading-edge door security solutions taking in electronic, physical, offline, cloud and wireless systems. An industry leader in terms of shaping security systems around the most pioneering technologies of the time, the brand offers an array of tech-driven solutions for door and entrance environments.

Products of note include Hi-O for simplified door installation, service and maintenance and Accentra for user-friendly, scalable access control. There is also a wide range of next generation cylinders, including the Assa Twin Combi, ideal for high security needs, and the Flexcore Plus, for when long cylinder and key life matter.


CAME BPT security brands

CAME BPT is a globally renowned brand respected for its market-leading audio and video door entry systems. Established over 40 years in the UK, the brand is ever-innovating so that its product range keeps up with the constantly changing security landscape.

BPT residential door entry systems range from straightforward intercom kits including entry panels, handsets and monitors for residential properties, to bespoke solutions for business use.

Telephone based door entry systems include the GSM range that can be driven by mobile or landline technology, and fully connected door entry systems such as the XIP, allowing integration with access control, CCTV and intruder alarms.


Honeywell security brands

Honeywell has been around for as long as Barry Bros Security, 75 years. It is renowned for its ground-breaking innovation, and sits at the forefront of security technology advancements, always developing products that exceed industry standards.

Readymade wireless alarm kits from Honeywell are ideal for homeowners who want an out-the-box home alarm system they can set up themselves. The brand also produces an ISO-9001 compliant intruder detection solution for business use that is National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approved for Alarm Receiving Centres, aimed at ensuring compliance with insurance warranties and regulatory guidelines.

There is also a video surveillance range, including systems that feature intelligent video analytics and high tech video management systems.


Mul-t-lock security brands

Another globally renowned brand, Mul-T-Lock, part of the ASSA ABLOY family, is known for its quality range of high security products, including digital locking solutions.

Digital door viewers, including the GotU range, consist of motion sensors that trigger automatic video and image capture, providing high quality footage, even at night. SMARTair is a product that allows zoned lockdown, working with most existing mechanical locks wire-free, and meeting regulatory requirements.

The brand’s solution for lost or time-limited access keys lies in eCLIQ, allowing programmable keys to be cancelled with ease as required. WatchLock by Mul-T-Lock is a high security, GPS-powered padlock with the ability to notify in real time where it is, whether it has been accessed and if its batteries are wearing out. Combined with CLIQ, this is a very powerful security solution, offering enhanced access control and time-based key authorisation.


Paxton security brands

Paxton is renowned for its expertise in cutting edge access control solutions suitable for an array of industry sectors.

The brand’s access control platforms bring together a variety of components, including locks and door hardware, door controllers and panic devices, to produce state-of-the-art wireless solutions that can be integrated with the likes of canteens and cashless vending.

One of the greatest benefits of Paxton solutions are the ease with which access rules can be changed quickly and easily, including during a security breach situation where local lockdowns can be deployed instantly.

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