What is the Best Home Security Solution for Pet Owners?

You love your pets, but you know how important it is to protect your home.

You love your pets, but you know how important it is to protect your home. So, if you want to install a burglar alarm and remote monitoring system that will give you that essential peace of mind, but you are worried about all those potential false alarms that are commonly associated with four-legged friends, read on for our experts’ advice on the best home security solution for pet owners.

The lowdown on the pet-friendly burglar alarm

pet friendly burglar alarmsIf you have pets, you’re going to need a pet-friendly burglar alarm.

Pet-tolerant alarms in principle are no different from any regular burglar alarm. They look the same and they work in the same way. The key difference, the thing that makes the alarm pet-friendly, are the passive infra-red (PIR) motion sensors.

PIR sensors are designed to detect the movement of body heat, otherwise known as passive infra-red energy. Once activated, the sensors constantly scan for changes in the thermal environment. When movement is detected, the sensor will trigger the burglar alarm and / or initiate CCTV. If you’re using a smart home alarm system, you will at this point receive an alert to your smart device.

If CCTV cameras are connected to the system, you’ll see real time images of what’s happening in the room where the sensors and cameras are placed. Why this is excellent news for pet owners is something we’ll look at a little later.

So what’s the difference with pet-friendly PIR sensors?

Pet-immune PIR sensors are specially designed to ignore any changes in body heat movement at floor level. Anything with a weight or mass of less than 35 kilos will be ignored. So, for example, if an intruder attempts to enter the room by crawling in on the floor, because in the majority of cases they will weigh over 35 kilos, they will still be detected.

But what if I have big dogs?

Good question. There is every possibility that a larger dog that weighs in at over 35 kilos will trigger a home alarm system, even a pet-tolerant one.

Unless you restrict the area over which your large pet is allowed to roam, for example with a child safety gate, then alternative options to the PIR sensors will need to be explored.

Door contacts are one solution. Fitted to doors and windows, these detect unauthorised openings once the home alarm system is activated. Another option is glass break detectors. These detect the sound of glass being broken over a set frequency. This in turn triggers the alarm system when activated. So, if an intruder attempted to gain entry by smashing a window, the sound would trigger the alarm.

Now let’s go back to where we touched upon CCTV cameras and look more closely at the benefits of smart home security.

Why are smart home security systems beneficial to pet owners?

There is a reason so many pet owners are opting for smart home security systems, and that is because they provide the benefit of reassurance. This reassurance comes in the form of being able to see real time images of what is happening in your home.

A smart remote monitoring system works with passive infrared motion sensors in the same way as a traditional home security system. The difference is that once the PIR sensors detect movement, instead of instantly activating an alarm, the WiFi connected cameras take a snapshot of what’s happening and relay it to your smart device. This allows you to see instantly whether the sensors have picked up a real intruder, or whether it’s just your cat jumping up on the shelf or your dog stretching up to the kitchen countertop, both of which would set off a pet-friendly PIR sensor.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that it was your furry friend causing the commotion, you can remotely disarm and re-arm your intruder alarm system from your device.

Smart sensors – great for keeping tabs on your pet too

Turning this on its head, a smart home security system is a great way for you as a pet owner to keep an eye on your faithful companions while you’re out of the house. Some alarm systems can be combined with smoke, natural gas and carbon monoxide detectors too, so if there’s a gas leak or a fire at your property, you’ll be alerted to the issue so that you can take steps to ensure the safety of your cherished pets.

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