The Importance of Safe Maintenance and Servicing

As security experts we talk a lot about the importance and benefits of using a safe, and how it is essential to choose the appropriate safe specification to suit your individual needs and any insurer demands.

As security experts we talk a lot about the importance and benefits of using a safe, and how it is essential to choose the appropriate safe specification to suit your individual needs and any insurer demands. We’ve also stressed the importance of securing your safe in place. Something else that all users should consider are the consequences of not keeping their safes regularly serviced and well maintained.

A safe is a wise investment when it comes to protecting valuables and cash. If you’ve done your due diligence then you will have chosen a safe that provides you with adequate protection for your individual needs. Safes are graded in respect of the level of protection they provide. Cash and valuables ratings for graded and tested safes fall under EN standards 14450 and 1143-1. Safes that comply with these standards are preferred or sometimes stipulated by insurers.

Safe ratings

So you’ve made your wise investment, and your safe is set to protect your cash or valuables as you need it to. But what happens after a period of time when the safe has been in regular use for a while?

Combination locks have been around for many years, and remain one of the top methods of securing a safe door. They are however no different from any other lock in that they are made up of moving parts. This means they need regular servicing.

Combination locks are mechanical devices. When the correct combination is dialled, the parts link up allowing the locking bolts to be withdrawn. These bolts can become dirty or worn over time, which makes regular servicing vital.

It is essential you consider that any under-maintained lock, including a regular key lock, could easily become unworkable, which could render the contents of your safe inaccessible. If a lock fails whilst the safe is locked, you will need to have it drilled open and repaired; a job that can only be done by an experienced locksmith. During this process, it is possible that the lock may become damaged, which means it will need to be replaced, the cost of which would usually be higher than a regular servicing plan.

Think of a safe service as preventative maintenance that will save you time, hassle and money in the long run.

What does safe servicing involve?

At Barry Bros Security, our safe maintenance programme includes removing or oiling the doors and servicing the cam locks; checking and making any necessary adjustments to hinges, bolt work and all types of locking devices including key, combination, time and digital locks.

At the end of the service, your safe will be left clean and in good working order ready to continue safeguarding your valuables.

How often should I have my safe serviced?

If your safe is used heavily, for example it is opened and closed several times a day, then annual servicing is recommended. If you rarely open or close your safe however, it is still important to have it serviced, although the frequency need not be as high.

There are also signs to look out for that may suggest your safe needs servicing:

  • The safe is no longer closing or opening
  • The lock is difficult to open on the first try
  • The lock assembly appears loose
  • The combination changes over time
  • The safe is making strange noises when dialling the combination
  • The combination dial is stiff, crooked or wobbly or springs back the other way
  • The doors feel stiff or are difficult to open or close

Safe maintenanceIf you have suffered a break-in and your safe has been breached, it is crucial that you have it looked at by an expert so that it can be restored to full working order. Even if the intruder didn’t manage to penetrate the safe, it could have sustained damage that may not be outwardly obvious, so always call in a specialist to have it checked over.

If you are buying a second hand or reconditioned safe, maintenance and servicing is doubly important. As you will not usually be in receipt of any guarantee for a second hand safe and will not be aware of its history; whether or not it has been well maintained or regularly serviced and what it may have been subjected to, it is vital that you get it expertly checked so as to put your mind at rest and ensure it is in good working order and ready to protect your valuables.

Safe Servicing and Maintenance from Barry Bros Security

Barry Bros Security offers UK-wide safe servicing and maintenance to home and business owners for all types of safe and vault. As Master Locksmith Association, Guild of Architectural Ironmongers and BS EN ISO9001 accredited security specialists, you can rest assured that our work meets all relevant British and European standards.

To discuss your specific safe servicing and maintenance needs, you are welcome to get in touch.

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