Where to Place Your Security Cameras for Best Effect

The benefits of CCTV for both indoor and outdoor security are many.

The benefits of CCTV for both indoor and outdoor security are many. Not only does CCTV act as a deterrent for intruders, it also provides valuable evidence that can be used for insurance claims and in prosecutions. But CCTV is only effective if the cameras are optimally placed. In this post we’re taking a look at best practice when it comes to situating your home security cameras. Read on to discover the best locations for CCTV cameras, including tips on how to disguise hidden surveillance cameras in the home.

Where to locate security camerasSeek out weak points

The best place to start is with a full review of your home so that you can identify any weak points or places that need extra vigilance.

Begin with the perimeter of the property. Are there any vulnerabilities, such as ground floor windows, or a side gate leading to an alleyway that can’t be seen from the road or from inside the house? These are the sort of places you’re going to need cameras.

Vehicles parked outside, garages, and outbuildings used as offices, workshops or gyms that contain valuable equipment or machinery will also need extra protection. All these are prime places to install CCTV security cameras because they are potential targets for burglars.

Front door security

Front doors are another potential weak point, which is why smart doorbells have become so popular. Smart door bells incorporate a small CCTV camera that has the ability to stream live, high quality video to a smartphone whenever someone rings the doorbell, or comes into view of the camera.

These cameras are able to show you precisely who is outside your front door at any time, allowing you to make a decision as to whether to answer the door. If you are not home, then you can speak directly via your smartphone to whoever is at the door to give them instructions as to where to leave a parcel for example, or to alert them to the fact that you are monitoring them should you consider them suspicious.

Siting covert security cameras

Siting CCTV cameras in plain sight carries the benefit of acting as a deterrent. But there are also advantages to placing security cameras covertly inside the home.

Covert cameras can prevent burglars from disabling them, as well as capturing footage of dubious activity, for example when there are suspicions around carers or babysitters. They can also be used for safety purposes so that any potential hazards can be detected and dealt with before they turn into major problems.

When placing a security camera indoors, the living room and kitchen, and any location where there is a safe or any particularly valuable belongings, are all prime positions.

Cameras should be positioned to capture the widest angle possible for maximum coverage. Strategically place cameras where they blend seamlessly into natural surroundings. Disguising them within flowerpots is a popular tactic, and placing cameras high up on top of curtain rails is another approach that works well. Cameras can also be placed amongst entertainment systems; between books on bookshelves; amongst soft toys in a nursery or even within a box of tissues.

When placing covert cameras, always avoid private areas such as bathrooms, and be sure to follow any applicable legislation. For example, when siting CCTV cameras outside in view of the public, it is necessary to display signage to advise passers-by that CCTV is in operation.

How a home security review can help you discover the prime places for your CCTV cameras

Here at Barry Bros Security, our home security reviews are widely used to indicate the best places to situate CCTV cameras both inside and outside the home. If you’d like some professional assistance in locating your security cameras, you are welcome to get in touch. You can also visit our London security showroom to view a vast range of CCTV systems alongside an extensive selection of other home security solutions, with expert advice on offer to help you choose the products that are right for your individual needs.

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