Fleet Security: How to Protect Your Valued Company Vehicles

For any business, the costs associated with maintaining a vehicle fleet can be very costly, especially with insurance premiums on the increase every year.

For any business, the costs associated with maintaining a vehicle fleet can be very costly, especially with insurance premiums on the increase every year. In order to keep costs as low as possible, it is useful to know what steps to take to protect your fleet in terms of physical security. Exactly what we are looking at in this post.

Fleet securityOnsite Fleet Security

As well as securing your vehicle fleet with the use of alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices, it is vital to consider the security of the space in which your company vehicles are stored whilst on your premises, especially if they are kept onsite overnight.

CCTV proves highly valuable in this respect, in more ways than one. Not only will it provide vital evidence to aid with criminal prosecutions should theft occur, it will also act as a deterrent, and a real-time means of monitoring untoward activity. Combined with an alarm system, this becomes a very powerful method of safeguarding your fleet.

With sensors detecting movement and sending alerts to a smart device or monitoring centre which can then take action, the chances of thwarting a theft are much increased.

Security lighting is another advantageous addition to your fleet security armoury. There are three main types: permanently on, activated and switch controlled.

Permanently on or activated lighting works best for vehicle storage areas that are overlooked. Many people wrongly think that illuminating areas that are not overlooked will act as a deterrent; however all it really does is light the way for intruders. In actual fact it is better to leave these places in darkness so that it is more difficult for intruders to see what they are doing. Areas that are not overlooked benefit more from switch controlled lights.

Access control to vehicle storage areas is another important consideration. There are various options ranging from CCTV-linked systems that allow a manual controller to grant access through to keypad, fob or biometric entry.

Finally, perimeter protection such as high security gates, locks, grilles and barriers are all worth considering, particularly in greater risk areas and for higher value or particularly coveted fleets.

Offsite Fleet Security

Where drivers keeping company vehicles at home overnight, it is vital to ensure they have sufficient security measures in place to prevent theft, either of the vehicle or from it.

Firstly, advise drivers to never leave any valuables in the vehicle overnight. If there is nothing of interest, there is less likelihood of a break-in. Signage on the vehicle stating that nothing of value is kept in the vehicle will always prove beneficial.

Secondly, clearly set out minimum security expectations such as insurance graded garage locks, CCTV and alarm systems. Setting parameters like these will give you more control over the security of your fleet when offsite.

Commercial Security Advice from Experts in the Know

It is important to bear in mind how your business would cope for just a day without your vital fleet of vehicles. Taking steps to secure your fleet is therefore essential.

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