Panic Buttons: The Future is Smart

Panic buttons have for many years been widely used for a range of security risks across a variety of industries.

Panic buttons have for many years been widely used for a range of security risks across a variety of industries. From protecting lone and vulnerable workers to acting as vital elements of a dynamic lockdown procedure, these buttons are designed to summon instant help in emergency situations. They can literally prevent a minor incident turning into a serious one.

Traditionally, panic buttons are fixed devices linked either to monitoring stations or the emergency services. But, since the advent of smart security, the functionality, flexibility and mobility of panic buttons has become much enhanced. Now these buttons are packed with flexible features capable of protecting anyone under threat of violence or intimidation, wherever they may be, using the fastest and most effective methods. Let’s take a look at what today’s smart panic buttons have to offer.

Choose your fastest response

Summoning the emergency services or a security team via a fixed panic button is not always the fastest option when an urgent situation arises. Whilst they are ideal for the likes of financial institutions and high value retailers like jewellers for example, they may not be the quickest or most convenient route to safety for individual lone workers or field-based personnel.

Smart panic buttons allow users to build their own list of contacts they trust to be notified when a distress situation arises. This could be a co-worker, friend or personal assistant, or the nearest onsite security guard. Basically, whoever can get to them fastest and with the best ability to help them.

Tracking for safety

The latest in wearable technology, mobile panic buttons are not limited to any one static location like a fixed panic button. This makes them perfect for field-based workers, or staff who move around the premises rather than stick to a single base.

Smart panic alarm systems can be worn discreetly, making them fully mobile. They include GPS tracking technology allowing ‘arrived safely’ messages to be sent in a single click. If an arrival notification is not received at the expected time, an alert is sent to pre-assigned contacts so they can take appropriate action.

Smartphone integration

Smart panic buttons are easily paired with a mobile security app using Bluetooth. Should a need arise to raise an alarm it is possible to bypass the phone lock to send an alert via the phone, or the button itself can be triggered. The button can be clipped to clothing or worn on the wrist or around the neck.

Once the alarm is triggered, a phone call, text message or email is sent to pre-designated contacts who follow an agreed response process to verify the alert and deploy assistance. Smart panic alarms also send a GPS location with the alert so that help can be sent to precisely the right place.

Extended functionality

Panic alarms can do a great deal more than summon help. They can also be used to trigger flashing lights, open or close curtains or blinds, lock exit doors and deactivate access control. Any safety measures like these can be integrated with a smart panic alarm system.

Tailored advice on panic buttons from Barry Bros Security

Every business is different, which means every security solution needs to be tailored to specific needs and risk levels. Smart panic buttons are the next generation solution to keeping lone, vulnerable, remote and mobile workers safe, wherever they may be.

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