Keeping Business Premises Secure During Shutdown

During evenings, weekends and seasonal closure, in other words when they are unoccupied, business premises are at a heightened risk of crime.

During evenings, weekends and seasonal closure, in other words when they are unoccupied, business premises are at a heightened risk of crime. Even the smallest of premises can be home to several thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment, as well as confidential data.

Security measures for business premises should follow four main aims. The first is to make it more difficult for a crime to be committed; the second is to increase the risk of a criminal being caught; the third is to reduce the incentive to commit a crime, and the last is to cut any potential reward for the criminal. How to achieve these aims and prevent thieves from targeting business premises during periods of closure? Let’s take a look.

Protect from the outside

Start by reviewing all your external points of entry so that vulnerabilities can be identified. Check everything from side and rear entrance points to any public access doors; the roof; the basement; loading bays and outbuildings. This means all means of access, including doors, windows, gates and skylights. Bear in mind that most intruders will attempt to gain access during the hours of darkness, so factor into your review how these entry points will come across when it is dark.

  • Introduce permanent or motion sensor security lighting to dark spots
  • Ensure all entry points are fitted with high quality locks
  • Replace worn doors and windows with robust alternatives
  • Fit grilles, shutters and bars to particularly vulnerable entryways
  • Remove any aids to access, e.g. waste bins below flat roofs

Secure valuables out of sight

Where are valuables stored on your business premises? Anything that is on show is a prime target for thieves. Remove the temptation and you will remove the risk.

  • Bank cash or take it off the premises and keep it in a safe overnight
  • Lock valuables and sensitive information such as portable data drives or documentation in a secure, fixed safe
  • Close blinds or use window and door shutters to prevent anyone seeing in

Invest in security measures

Your vulnerability review should have highlighted the areas of your premises that need special attention. A security professional will be able to recommend measures to safeguard these areas. These might include:

  • An intruder alarm system – here’s a guide to help you better understand alarms
  • CCTV cameras – one of the best ways to deter thieves and capture quality evidence

Remember that certain measures may be required both for insurance and regulatory purposes. Your security adviser will be able to guide you in both respects.

Install a security rota

Get your staff involve in helping to safeguard your premises. Set up a rota, allocating responsibility for locking up and setting your alarm at the end of each day.

  • Draft a detailed written procedure for locking up and exiting the premises
  • Make it clear who is responsible for what at the end of each day

Be aware that if access is gained through an unlocked door or window, it is unlikely that your insurer will honour a claim. So be thorough with your procedures so that it is clear precisely what needs to be locked and by who.

Review regularly

Once you have taken steps to safeguard your business premises, be sure to review your security on a regular basis. Twice a year is ideal, and you will benefit from bringing in expert assistance from a security professional to assist with your review. Alarm systems will need to be serviced and all other measures checked for continued effectiveness. Bear in mind that threat levels can change, and new innovations in security are being introduced all the time. A regular review with specialist advice is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make as a business.

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