Home Security Advice: Think – What’s on Show Through Your Windows?

Think of the windows of your home like a stage.

Think of the windows of your home like a stage. With the curtain up, you can see the entire set. And with your curtains open at home, all your valuables are right there on display for everyone on the outside to see.

Did you know that burglars actually tour neighbourhoods with the sole aim of looking through windows to see precisely what is there for the taking?

The latest 4K ultra HD OLED TV hanging on the wall; the prized artwork over the mantle; presents around the Christmas tree; jewellery or car keys on the coffee table. It’s all, as far as the burglar is concerned, there for the taking. There’s also vulnerability to think about. A lone, older person sitting watching the TV for example could be considered a prime target for an opportune thief, as could a property that appears empty.

You probably do it yourself when you’re out walking. You see a window with no nets or blinds, and you just can’t help looking through it. It’s human nature! And even more so for a burglar.

How to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes

So, what steps to take to prevent your household valuables taking centre stage and becoming the burglar’s next target? Let’s take a look at a few solutions.

Draw your drapes

Keeping your curtains closed at times when you are not at home is something of a bone of contention. Some people feel it says, ‘we’re not in’, although others disagree. Many people keep their curtains closed during hot weather to keep the temperature down inside the property, and also to avoid the fading of their furniture. But at cooler times of the year, is it the right thing to do? The way to look at is this: what is worse, an intruder being able to see in and scan your rooms for valuables, or an intruder seeing closed curtains and not being certain whether anyone is home or not? If you don’t have nets or blinds, it’s best to keep the curtains closed.

Fit vertical blinds

If you don’t like the thought of keeping your curtains closed all day, fit vertical blinds. These can remain closed all day long, with the level of vision easily adjustable to suit. Blinds are less likely to flag up the ‘we’re not in’ issue because they do tend to be at least partially closed at most times. The other benefit of vertical blinds is that light can be seen through them, so if you use timer lights when you’re out or away, they’ll easily be seen, suggesting that you are home.

Hang net curtains

Not everyone’s cup of tea we know, but net curtains do a good job of masking what’s behind a window. Some people consider nets old fashioned, but there are in fact some beautiful contemporary designs available these days, and more modern ways of hanging them with poles rather than those fiddly old-fashioned wires. Net curtains are not a substitute for proper drapes though. Not only will they fail to keep out the winter cold, they can still allow a certain degree of vision when the lights are on inside. So, if you have the lights on, draw the main curtains.

Automate your window dressings

Everything is possible today, including automating your curtains or blinds and controlling them from your smartphone. If you use a timer light to create the impression you are home, you could remotely close your curtains or blinds at the same time it switches on.

Think about where you put things

When you are choosing a place to hang your new TV, or your prized artwork, think about whether it can be seen from outside. If it can, consider a different, less obvious position. And it goes without saying, never leave valuables such as jewellery, car keys and Christmas presents in view of your windows.

Expert advice on home security from long established specialists

Top of the range televisions, prized artworks and valuable jewellery really do need a great deal of consideration from a security point of view. As well as concealing them by keeping them out of view of your windows, think about measures like CCTV, intruder alarms and security lighting.

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