Security Solutions for Those Hot Summer Nights

We’re certainly all feeling the heat this summer, and it looks set to continue.

We’re certainly all feeling the heat this summer, and it looks set to continue. Getting a good night’s sleep when the mercury is hitting the high notes is never easy, and coming home to what feels like a greenhouse isn’t pleasant either.

It is always tempting to leave a few windows open at night or whilst we’re out. However, it’s important to be aware that every summer, the police report a rise in unforced burglaries, with thieves taking the opportunity to gain access through open windows whilst people sleep or are out.

Leaving a window open at night need not be banned though, providing it is done in such a way that it doesn’t leave you open to unscrupulous intruders. Here are some tips on how to keep your home a little cooler, without laying yourself open to risk.

Summer securityChoose Your Windows Wisely

Wherever possible, limit your open windows only to those that cannot be accessed from outside. Windows that are on the ground floor or those of a basement are classed as accessible, as are any that could be reached by climbing, such as windows next to a rainwater or soil pipe or climbing shrubbery such as ivy, or any that look out over a flat roof.

Prevent Climbing Opportunities

Never leave ladders unsecured in a garden and make sure you lock away anything that may be used to access an open window.

Remove climbing plants such as ivy and wisteria, as these are often used to gain access to windows.

If there is a climbable pipe close to a window that you wish to leave open, you can take steps to make it un-climbable. A ‘Kelly Coupling’ can be fitted to the pipe. It replaces a section of the pipe and prevents intruders climbing by decoupling it from the joint above. You’ll need to display warning notices, but the installation can prove a worthwhile investment if you are desperate to let air into your home and the only option is to open a window next to a pipe.

Limit Openings

Some windows have secondary locking points built in which means you can leave them slightly open and locked into place. It is also possible to fit window limiters retrospectively. Always be sure to fully close and lock your windows though when you go out.

Sliding sash windows can be fitted with lockable sash stops for a ventilation gap. Again, close them fully and lock them when you leave the house.

Grille it

For maximum open-window security during warm nights, consider fitting a security grille on the inside of the window. There are some beautiful designs available so that you need not spoil the appeal of the exterior of your property. Make sure you give good consideration to fire safety though. Our security grille buyer’s guide provides comprehensive advice on this and other aspects to think about.

Again, when you go out, close and lock the windows behind the grilles for maximum security.

Think Outside the Box

Do you really need to open your windows? In some cases, you could be letting warmer air in. Sometimes, it can actually be more beneficial to keep the windows shut and draw the curtains or blinds. Only you can confirm this, so it is worth running an experiment to see what works best for you. It may actually vary from room to room, depending on whether the area outside the window is in the shade and breezy, or in direct sunlight with no breeze.

Try a fan. Moving air is cooler than air that’s still. A standing or ceiling fan could prevent you needing to keep windows open of a night.

Need Help Keeping Cool?

If you could do with some help in keeping your home cool during these hot summer nights, talk to Barry Bros Security. Our experts have many years of experience in devising tailored solutions to keep our customers’ homes safe.

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