Ten Ways to Secure Your Home This Winter

With so few hours of daylight, it is no wonder winter is well known as a burglar’s favourite time to be on the lookout for opportunities to make their move.

With so few hours of daylight, it is no wonder winter is well known as a burglar’s favourite time to be on the lookout for opportunities to make their move. The thing is, a burglar is never a fan of a challenge, so they will always be scanning for easy pickings. Homes that have security flaws are prime targets for burglars, so take some time now and make sure yours isn’t one of them by following these tips.

how to secure your home in winterCheck Your Locks

Front and back doors are the first things a burglar will try. Are yours securely locked? Are the locks adequate? Don’t assume that just because your doors are locked, they are protecting you, because as we discussed in a previous post, there are certain factors that can threaten the security of your locks including lock snapping, incorrectly fitted locks and copy keys. The best advice? If you are in any doubt over the security of your locks, take advice from a Master Locksmith Association accredited locksmith who will recommend the right type of locks for your particular doors, and level of security threat.

Inspect Your Doors

As we talked about in a post last month, the doors to your property are the very things that must protect you from unwanted intruders, which means they must be the strongest form of defence possible. So, take a look at the condition of your doors. Have they dropped? Are they warped? Is the glass intact? If they are made from timber, have they been treated recently to prevent rotting and weathering? You should also consider reinforcing your door frames if they are not already securely bolted or screwed to the surrounding walls. It may also be worthwhile strengthening them with bars and hinge bolts to prevent them being forced off their hinges.

Intruder Alarms and Other Security Measures

Intruder alarms offer clear benefits, particularly when they are used alongside CCTV and motion detectors to offer a multi-layered defence programme. There are numerous types of intruder alarm including wired and wireless models, and the same goes for CCTV. It is important to take professional advice when choosing an alarm and other security measures for your home so that you can be sure everything is suitable for your property, your circumstances, your budget and the level of threat in your locality.

If you are unsure about where to start, take a look back at our post, Intruder Alarms: Frequently Asked Questions and of course you can contact us or call in to see us for personalised advice.

Start Remote Monitoring

There are some very sophisticated systems available that allow you to keep a protective eye on your valuables and property whilst you are away from home. CCTV cameras and motion detectors work together to kick into action, starting recording images and / or video as soon as any sign of movement is picked up. These images can then be sent to your smartphone or tablet, and / or to a monitoring service, so that instant action can be taken. Remote monitoring is an affordable security measure that offers significant peace of mind, so it is well worth considering.

Install Outdoor Security Lighting

As with intruder alarms, security lighting offers a raft of benefits and works effectively to deter intruders, providing it is sited in the optimum position and installed by a competent person. You should always consider your neighbours when installing security lighting and the system should be operable from inside the home. We published a blog detailing how to get the most out of security lighting a while back, so why not have a read for some tips?

Invest in a Safe

The ideal place for valuables, cash and important documents is a safe. When investing in a safe there is a lot to consider: size, weight, key-lock or digital, and any insurance related requirements. Safes do not only vary in weight and size, but also in the degree of protection they offer, to which end they are graded accordingly. Why not take a look back at our Safe Buyer’s Guide for a run-down of how the grading system works and what you should be considering when buying a safe?

What Else?

Home automation is a wise move if you are going to be away from home over the winter or if you work late and are often not home until after dark. A system that switches lights on once it gets dark, or even opens and closes curtains, is a worthwhile investment. Also, apply common sense: never leave keys in sight or close to a door or window. Be sure to get any repairs undertaken as soon as possible by a trustworthy professional: this includes repairs to perimeter fences, outdoor gates, sheds and other outbuildings, as well as to the home itself.

If you are looking to enhance the security of your home this winter, why not talk to the friendly experts at Barry Bros Security? We’re here to provide tailored guidance across every aspect of home security, so why not give us a call or pop in to our London showroom?

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