The Benefits of CCTV in Education Environments

The use of CCTV in schools is becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a security measure.

The use of CCTV in schools is becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a security measure. Whilst any sort of recording medium must be approached sensitively in an educational environment where children are involved, the benefits are being enjoyed by establishments in many ways.

CCTV to Protect School Grounds

As we discuss a great deal on this blog, the combination of CCTV remote monitoring and motion detection is a powerful security solution which allows dubious activity to be identified and dealt with as it happens. The result is that many incidents can be nipped in the bud before anything serious happens. Remotely monitored CCTV triggered by motion detection will protect the school perimeter and other important areas of the grounds.

The system can be linked to transmit footage and alerts to a response centre. This can either issue a verbal warning, which research states is successful in 90 per cent of cases, or alert staff on the premises whilst open, or alternatively the police. Thanks to the CCTV footage, whoever is responding to the alert will know precisely where the issue is occurring so no time will be wasted.

CCTV footage can be also used as evidence should a school be subject to acts of vandalism, crime or antisocial behaviour.

CCTV for Staff Protection

Unfortunately, cases of assaults on teachers and unfounded, career-damaging claims of teacher misconduct are not uncommon in schools. CCTV is an excellent means of recording incidents so that footage can be used in discussions with parents and, where appropriate, as evidence for the relevant authorities who are investigating complaints.

CCTV for Anti-Bullying

In 2012, the BBC conducted research into bullying in schools and the use of CCTV to combat it. One student said, “We have CCTV cameras at our school in the outdoor area which helps when it comes to fights.” Whilst some of the students stated that CCTV did not assist in protecting their property from theft, some did comment that it was a useful measure in preventing bullying. Privacy was a concern, but cameras located in corridors or outside areas should not affect this.

CCTV for Achievement

Where pupils are aware that they are being monitored, the effects on their concentration can be very positive. In fact, it has been demonstrated that CCTV monitoring can boost productivity leading to enhanced educational achievement.

CCTV for Teacher Training

Lessons can be recorded for review and training purposes. CCTV is far less intrusive than having another teacher or assessor in the classroom and the footage provides useful feedback for the teacher in training themselves.

Whether employed as a security measure or to protect staff and pupils, CCTV can deliver powerful results. If you are considering introducing CCTV into your educational establishment, you can rely on Barry Bros Security for professionally accredited advice that is fully tailored to your requirements. We have extensive experience in deploying standards compliant CCTV and multi layered security solutions across a range of sectors, including education. For the guidance you need, please get in touch.

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