Following on from our post last month about the lesser known benefits of CCTV, this time around we are going to expand upon the point we touched on concerning the fact that CCTV is not just for crime prevention.

As we said, CCTV can be used for all sorts of other applications. From staff training and monitoring through to surveys, analysis, safety and production control as well as protection from fraudulent claims, there are a great deal of benefits that CCTV can offer. Here is just a selection of them.

Protecting Staff

If you employ lone or vulnerable workers, CCTV can be a valuable tool to help protect them by working as a deterrent to visitors who may prove violent or threatening. CCTV can also protect staff from false accusations, proving exceptionally useful in situations where customers attempt to claim that they were misled when making a purchase for example.


A high percentage of theft in businesses is said to come from the inside rather than from the public. CCTV monitoring will assist you in spotting any such activity and can even help to deter it. The same goes for vandalism: graffiti or damage to property can be expensive to rectify, but if the perpetrator is caught on CCTV there is a better chance of being able to recoup your losses either through a criminal prosecution or an insurance claim.

Fire Prevention

Smoke detectors and fire alarms do of course play a vital role in fire prevention, but CCTV does too. In fact, CCTV monitoring is very effective in catching the early signs of a fire, allowing time to control it before it does too much damage.

Preventing False Claims

Personal injury claims can be extremely damaging, both in financial and reputation terms. Unfortunately, false or exaggerated claims are a reality, but with CCTV evidence on your side, you have the defence you need to protect your good name, and your bottom line.

Accident Assistance

If an accident or incident occurs in an area that is being monitored by CCTV, the operator can quickly despatch help directly to where it is needed, or call the emergency services if deemed necessary.

Food Production

In the food industry, production calls for exceptional levels of security in order to guarantee consumer confidence. CCTV is a very important tool in the food production process, allowing producers to demonstrate the highest possible standards and safeguard every step. Combined with intruder detection and access control, the result is a highly sophisticated multi-layer system that prevents unauthorised admission. As production often continues through the night, the advantage of being able to view live footage from any location 24/7 courtesy of an IP CCTV set-up is invaluable.

CCTV is one of the most versatile, flexible security solutions available. To find out how it could benefit your business in more ways than one, get in touch. Our experts have extensive knowledge of all types of CCTV systems and their use in a vast range of commercial settings and different industries.