Buying Security Shutters: What you Need to Know

In one of our posts last month we talked through security measures for luxury properties.

In one of our posts last month we talked through security measures for luxury properties. One of the measures we covered was security shutters, which can be particularly beneficial when there are valuable possessions to protect.

As we discussed, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to installing roller shutters, and various considerations to be made when choosing and installing them. We promised a dedicated post on the subject, and here it is.

Security shutters are usually fitted to the most easily accessible doors and windows, so definitely anything on the ground floor, although the main entrance door would not normally be included. Any accessible windows on the upper floors, such as those over a flat roof, would benefit from shutters.

Security Shutter Considerations

One of the major things to bear in mind with security shutters is the fact that when they are down, it becomes instantly obvious that the property is empty. This means you will definitely need to adopt additional security measures, such as CCTV and an intruder alarm so as to protect and monitor the property whilst you are not in it.

Another significant consideration is the type of shutters to choose. There are various types, and each will carry its own benefits, and sometimes downsides too.

Some roller shutters are lifted and pulled down by hand; others are cranked by hand, and then there are electronic shutters. They come in a variety of finishes, so matching them to your décor should never be an issue.

There are two key categories of security shutters:

External Shutters

External shutters are effective in creating a physical barrier and delaying entry by intruders who favour the ‘grab and run’ type of raid. They will also prevent anyone on the outside seeing what is on the inside whilst protecting windows and glazed doors from vandalism.

On the down side, external shutters do require a fair amount of maintenance, as they are obviously exposed to environmental elements. If the property they are fitted to is remote, then an intruder could in theory have time to work on them to force them open.

Planning permission is pretty much always required, and it is commonplace in some local authority areas for permission to be denied due to the potential negative aesthetic effect on the neighbourhood.

External shutters are definitely not recommended for use whilst a property is occupied as they could restrict your escape route or delay access by the fire brigade in the event of a fire.

Internal Shutters

Internal shutters work by adding an extra physical barrier behind your windows and doors with the aim of delaying entry by an intruder. As with external shutters, they prevent prying eyes from seeing what is inside.

One of the main advantages of internal shutters over external is that intruders cannot directly access them in an attempt to force them open. Planning permission is not usually required, unless the property is situated within a conservation area, although it is wise to check before going ahead and making the investment.

Whilst internal shutters require much less maintenance than external models, they will not act to protect windows and glazed doors from vandalism. It is also important to consider fire escape routes when shutters are in use.

Shutter Operation

There are numerous ways in which security shutters can be controlled. Some systems allow remote operation with the facility to close all shutters together as you leave the property. There is also the option for zone control, so that shutters can be closed in particular rooms only or strategically in the event of an intrusion. You can also find solutions that allow for partial closure to allow shading and ventilation.

Systems that integrate with intruder and fire alarms are particularly beneficial. As an intruder alarm is activated, shutters can automatically be closed, and vice versa, as a fire alarm is triggered, the shutters can be released.

Tailored Systems

If you are thinking about buying security shutters then it is important to take professional advice that is tailored to your specific requirements, your property and your security risk. Systems can be designed specifically to take individual circumstances into consideration.

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