Whilst there is no substitute for a thorough security solution tailored to your particular property and risk level, there are things you can do to enhance your investment. The good news is some of these things are provided by nature!

Traditional physical security measures such as boundary walls, fences and lockable gates can be complemented with bushes, plants, flowers and other landscaping features so as to layer-up to an even higher level of security.

The aim with any security initiative is to reduce the opportunity for crime to take place. You want your property to become less attractive to intruders. So for example, you will aim to reduce their comfort zone, making them feel like they are being watched, or are in a location where they will be easily spotted.

Attending to maintenance

One way to do this is to ensure all trees and shrubs are well-maintained. Keeping greenery trimmed back will promote visibility. So not only will you be able to better see what is going on around your property, a potential intruder will also be put off by the fact there is nowhere to hide.

You also need to be careful that any plants or bushes on your land are not used against you. Climbing plants like ivy and wisteria may look attractive, but can be used as a foothold for intruders aiming for open windows on upper levels.

No trespassing

Another clever use of planting is to naturally discourage trespassing. Roses and other thorny bushes well placed around a back or side gate, under a window or at the foot of side and rear fencing will act as a deterrent whilst having the benefit of looking attractive.

Pride as a deterrent

Beautifully maintained planting set amidst well-kept landscaping will also give out a strong message: that your property is proudly taken care of, and that you will go to great lengths to protect it. Freshly planted flowers in attractive pots, neat borders and nicely crafted hedges will give off all the right signals.

Properties where a lack of attention is evident tend to rank higher on the target list for intruders who assume that there is a lack of responsibility.

If you agree that you can never do enough to secure the things that mean the most to you – and keep the people safe who mean everything – then taking a few steps to enhance your security measures using the gifts nature provided can only be a positive move.