Shocking Statistics Reveal Worrying Business Security Gaps

Are you worried as a business about crime? You are not alone – some 81% of businesses have said it is a problem in their local area.

Are you worried as a business about crime? You are not alone – some 81% of businesses have said it is a problem in their local area.

Surprisingly though, almost a quarter – 24% – do not have an intruder alarm fitted. With 75% of incidents happening when premises are unoccupied, this is incredibly worrying. Intruder alarms can alert key holders and / or the police to a suspected break-in, so you can imagine how the statistics would change for the better if some or all of that 24% went ahead and had one fitted.

Remote monitoring could also bring these figures down. Keeping tabs on what is happening on your premises with a CCTV system that kicks into action when there is unusual activity, and alerts you or your security team with pictures on a smartphone or tablet so that action can be taken, will seriously help to head off issues.

Older Premises More at Risk

If you operate from premises built before the mid-1990s then unfortunately, statistics dictate that you will be more open to break-ins. This is generally due to a more aged appearance leading to intruders believing the building is less secure than more modern looking properties. If this applies to you, then you need to take extra steps to secure your premises. Measures that are blatantly obvious will act as a deterrent, so CCTV, intruder alarms and robust physical security such as door grilles and window bars should rank highly on your security checklist.

Security Upgrades Deter Break-ins

Security upgrades can deter break-ins: that’s another fact backed up by statistics. Attempted burglary is known to drop from 49% to 25% and successful burglary from 32% to 13%. It’s quite a decrease, so it’s worth getting an audit to check how your security can be brought up to date.

It’s also worth noting that repeat burglaries are a real issue. If an intruder is successful, it is likely they will return to the same premises within a short time. A study in Merseyside found that 43% of repeat burglaries on commercial premises happened within a month of the preceding event. So if you’ve suffered a break-in, it is extra important to get an expert in to identify vulnerabilities and make suggestions to protect you against a repeat problem.

Break-in Methods and Solutions

So how do intruders get in? Break-ins through doors account for 53% of burglaries and through windows, 16%. So what is the solution?

The highest level of security can be gained through electric and motor locks for doors. These are virtually pick and bump proof and certain brands we supply and fit can resist up to 60,000 newtons or 6,000Kg or force, depending on the model fitted. There is also the option to fit cylinders featuring patent key mechanisms which make it virtually impossible to copy a key. Remember that whilst choosing the best brand of lock is important, what is essential is that they are expertly fitted.

If you are amongst the growing number of businesses concerned about crime, and would like to discover ways of securing your premises, we can help. Get in touch to speak to one of our experts, and to arrange your free commercial security audit.

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