If you are about to move into new commercial premises or upgrade the security at your current location, one of the first aspects to consider is that of the exterior doors. Having good quality security doors with the right specification for your level of risk is your first line of defence against loss through criminal intent. To ensure you have doors with the appropriate specification, you need to be confident that they pass the relevant industry standards.

UK Standards and Ratings

The standards for doors you select are likely to be in the Security Technical Specification (STS) 200 series, or their equivalents in the loss prevention standards (LPS 1175) of the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

To get these ratings, doors are tested as prototypes and randomly at manufacturers. Testing is carried out when doors are closed and locked, via attacks using a variety of tools that would be available to anyone attempting forced entry.

The level of sophistication of the tools is greater as the standards rise. They range from hand held pliers to sledgehammers, mains and battery powered saws and the like. Another aspect of the test is the length of time the attacker can take for the process.

The STS 200 series covers five levels of risk, ranging from minimum risk at levels two and three, through medium risk at levels four and five, to the highest risk at level six. Their tests last for between three and 30 minutes. LPS 1175 covers eight levels of resistance, also tested for up to 30 minutes.

The Best Solution for your Premises

So what level of risk is suitable for your circumstances? Our experienced security consultants know just how to assess this and it’s worth discussing your own ideas about it with them.

As experts in the products available and their standards, they’ll recommend the best security doors, which will be accepted by your insurance company and will also comply with fire regulations.

They’ll also make sure that the fittings, locks and any other aspects that affect the level of security you need are appropriate too. For absolute confidence that you have the best possible first defence against interlopers, telephone us or get in touch online, or call in and see us at our London showroom.