Which Alarm? A Guide to Choosing the Right Security Alarm for Your Premises.

The range of alarms available to alert you to an intruder on your premises, or some other security problem, can be confusing.

The range of alarms available to alert you to an intruder on your premises, or some other security problem, can be confusing. There are alarm solutions for every type of risk, but you need a bit of know-how to decide on the best way to protect your premises.

Security Scenarios

It may be an insurance company requirement that you have the right systems in place for protection from break-ins and the possibility of fire. Some businesses need to protect staff with unusual working hours or in vulnerable positions. Others may have received threats from objectors to sensitive projects being undertaken.

If you have property to let, or vacant for other reasons, you may need to deter squatters or vandalism. Perhaps you have to keep valuables or cash on site overnight so want an alarm linked to a safe. You may need emergency or panic buttons for counter staff if an attempted hold-up takes place. If your premises are on a flood plain, you may want to be warned when water reaches a certain level.

Matching the Alarm to the Scenario

Whatever your situation, we will have an alarm solution that will mitigate the risks. A flood alarm fitted to an outer wall of your premises will give you time to deploy your flood plan and flood defence system. A safe limpet can have a number of detection systems for complete protection of the safe holding your valuables.

A passive infrared sensor with an integrated camera detects and measures heat and energy, and can let you know when an unwelcome stranger has entered a protected area, triggering images to be captured by the built in camera: ideal for remote monitoring of vacant premises.

Intruder alarms and their detection devices come in various levels of sophistication, and can be purchased with a monitoring service at an alarm receiving centre that will alert you, your key holders and the police without delay if necessary.

Advice to get you Value for Money

To be sure you find the right solution, get the professionals on the case. You don’t want to spend more money than you need to be adequately protected. On the other hand, your money could be wasted if the system you buy is not right for you, or is not properly installed and maintained. Contact us to get the advice, products and service you need to reduce the specific security risks you face.

How Can We Help?

Regardless of the type of premises you are looking to protect, Barry Bros Security has the solution. Contact us today for expert advice and the benefit of decades of experience in the security industry.