You know that bunch of keys you carry around in your bag or your pocket: does it weigh you down? How about exchanging it for just one master key? You could lose all that weight with hardly any effort at all.

Whether you are a home owner with keys to doors, windows, gates, garage, and outhouses, or have key holder responsibilities for business premises, your burden could be lightened with a secure one key system. Master keys have been around for a while where they are necessary in hotels or for servicing apartments, but they are also available for more general use as people are recognising the benefits.

One Key in a Domestic Situation

If you are moving home and concerned about whether anyone else still has keys to your new home, you will want to change the locks. Having a one key system installed at the time can not only save the weight in your pocket, it’ll also save you the hassle of recognising which key fits which lock in unfamiliar territory. It could be a lifesaver in a fire or other emergency.

Any time you decide to change your locks, you should seriously consider replacing them with a one key system. Your lock and key supplier will most likely provide you with a key registration card, without which no one can acquire a duplicate master key. Keep your master keys and registration card safe, and have the comfort of knowing that your home is secure from intruders.

One Key in a Business Situation

In a system that has a master key, each different lock can be designed to work with both the master and an individual key. They can both unlock the door but work in slightly different ways to clear the lock for opening. This means that individuals can still be limited to access only certain areas, while the master key holder can open any door.

If your business has more than one location, the system can be designed to cover all the different sites. You could have a master key for each individual site, plus a master key for all sites. All you have to do is put in place and monitor key holder policies that ensure complete control of your keys for ongoing security.

Professional Help for Complex Needs

If you want a number of master keys for different areas of operation, this will need careful planning by professional locksmiths. Here at Barry Bros Security we are Master Locksmiths Association accredited. Because everyone’s needs are different, we will devise a tailored master suited system for the opening of locks on a hierarchy basis, no matter how complicated it has to be.

With over 60 years of helping to keep the nation’s properties safe and secure, Barry Bros Security guarantees top quality materials and workmanship on every security system supplied. Give us a call to get the burden lifted from your shoulders and the weight of all those keys out of your pockets.