Security Doors: Your First Line of Defence Against Determined Intruders

Even the most determined of intruders can be foiled by modern security doors fitted at all the entrances to your premises.

Even the most determined of intruders can be foiled by modern security doors fitted at all the entrances to your premises. Your doors are one of the most important elements of your multi-layered security precautions. Here we discuss the different types of doors available, including bespoke options.

Modern Manufacturing Gives Many Options

Security doors are available in various designs in several kinds of materials including solid timber, metal clad or solid metal, so you’ll always be able to match your doors to the décor and style of the building.

Door frames can be solid metal too – a security door is no good without secure frames, hinges and locks. State of the art manufacturing processes applied to top quality materials ensure a high degree of dependability in today’s security doors. Even if an intruder tries using power tools, he is not likely to get past a properly reinforced security door.

You can buy security doors off the shelf or have them made up to your specifications. As reasons for needing them can differ, there is an optimum type of door for each purpose. Mostly they are required to protect stock and other assets, but they could also protect staff working night shifts or be a specific stipulation of your insurance company. It’s always best to consult professionals and find a high quality solution that’s tailored to your particular problem and level of risk.

If you are concerned about the adequacy of existing doors in protecting your property, they can often be strengthened and adapted to make them more secure. Strike plate reinforcers or steel door sets and frames can be added, together with interlock systems and/or multi-point locking to make them impregnable.

Buy Security Doors from a Reputable Provider

To ensure your security doors are well suited to your property and risk level, use a well-established supplier with a good reputation; a business that cares about quality and will supply and fit the best available product for your needs. Look for a Master Locksmith Association and Guild of Architectural Ironmongers accredited security company, such as Barry Bros Security. We’ve been helping business owners and property and facilities managers achieve peace of mind for over 60 years.

Here at Barry Bros Security we have a large showroom and workshop in central London, a stone’s throw from Paddington Station, which you are welcome to visit Monday to Saturday. Our services are available right across the country so if you are in the market for new security doors, please get in touch for personalised advice that will make all the difference in protecting you from even the most determined intruders.

How Can We Help?

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