Car Keys: Why it Makes Sense to have a Spare

Having an extra car key is a wise precaution, for numerous reasons.

Having an extra car key is a wise precaution, for numerous reasons. If keys are locked inside a car, the experience that follows can be extremely stressful. The time and expense of calling out a locksmith to retrieve them, or of having a window replaced if that’s the route in you opt for, is something no one wants to suffer.

There are all sorts of scenarios that having a spare car key would allow you to avoid should you find yourself in this situation. Being late for or missing an important appointment, finding you’ve not only locked yourself out, but locked someone in the car – a pet or a child – it makes you see why the time you take to get yourself a spare car key is time well spent.

A spare car key will also act as a lifesaver if you’ve misplaced your original, or if you have a modern transponder type car key and it has stopped working. Additionally, having a separate car key for another driver is a sensible idea as it saves you having to keep lending out your own.

Providing you keep your spare car key in a safe place, it will serve you well should you need it.

About Car Key Duplication

Many vehicle owners think that due to the functional complexity of modern car keys, it’s only the dealer who can supply spares. This is not the case however, as a reputable key duplication specialist will usually be able to duplicate the majority of car keys, including the three-in-one type made up of a mechanical key, a transponder chip and a remote control.

It’s something we undertake here at Barry Bros Security on a regular basis using our modern auto key cutting and programming technology, and the trained eye of a master locksmith who has specialist experience in car key duplication.

When duplicating a modern car key, it is necessary to programme the transponder so that it will operate the ignition as the original does. Whilst this kind of car key duplication is more expensive, it will give you a spare key that functions exactly as the original, including the remote locking / unlocking and alarm-off features.

There is also the option to have a spare car key cut that doesn’t have the remote functions. This is called a ‘copy key’, and whilst it’s still something that will get you out of trouble if you’ve locked your original key in the car, it’s obviously not ideal for the other scenarios we’ve covered.

Stock up on Spare Car Keys: Limited Period Offer on Car Key Duplication at Barry Bros Security

Barry Bros Security is accredited by the Master Locksmith Association and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers and all key cutting services meet both British and European standards. Our specialist key department offers a bespoke locksmith service for all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and caravans of most makes and models. Services include key duplication, transponder programming and key repair including a 24-hour emergency callout service.

If you’ve misplaced your vehicle key, it’s broken or damaged, or you are wisely considering getting yourself a spare set, now’s the ideal time because for a limited period only to 31 December 2013 we’re offering a generous 10% discount off your first duplicate key and 25% off the second same key. *

To take up the offer, get in touch or call into our London showroom in Praed Street, Paddington. We’re open six days a week Monday to Saturday and we also offer a nationwide postal service for all key cutting services. Please note you’ll need to produce valid identification and proof of ownership of the vehicle should you wish to order duplicate car keys.

* Terms and conditions apply

  • Second key must be identical to the first key to qualify for 25% discount
  • Subject to availability
  • Offer ends 31st December 2013

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