Following on from our recent post How Not to Fall Victim to an Undetected Break-in This Summer, as promised here are 8 more summer security tips to help keep your home protected against unforced break-ins which can cause serious problems with insurance claims.

  1. If you’re out in the back garden at night, keep lights on at the front of the house so it shows the house is occupied. Use energy saving lights on timers and set them up before the party starts so you don’t forget.
  2. Sensor lights at the front of the house will act as a deterrent for intruders by removing their cover of darkness and are another good way of keeping the front of the house safe whilst everyone is out the back in the summer.
  3. Keep your back and side gates locked when not in use and ensure your fences are in good condition with no weak points.
  4. If you have a wooden front door, fit a mortice deadlock and an automatic deadlocking rim lock.
  5. Fit wooden back doors with mortice locks and key operated mortice bolts top and bottom.
  6. Consider anti-slip latches to prevent cards being used to ease open a door latch.
  7. Letter box cowls will prevent intruders reaching through the letterbox to an internal door handle.
  8. A CCTV surveillance system will provide evidence of a break-in, even if it was unforced and the intruder left undetected and will fortify an insurance claim. You can also use CCTV systems during a summer party to keep an eye on unoccupied parts of the house via a smartphone or tablet.

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