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The Insurance Bill and Security

Oct 23, 2014

In July, the Law Commission, a Ministry of Justice sponsored public advisory body, presented a report to Government. It comprised a set of recommendations for reforms and a draft bill called the Insurance Bill, all of which, it is hoped, will revolutionise the way commercial insurance is sold in the UK.

With current insurance law based around the Marine Insurance Act of 1906, it doesn’t take much to realise that the law is now seriously out of date and it is no wonder that so many disputes between businesses and insurers arise. (more…)

Data Protection: The Physical Security Aspects

Sep 15, 2014

As a business you will no doubt be well aware of the fact you have responsibilities under the Data Protection Act. You will know there are eight principles to adhere to, including the fair processing of data, ensuring its accuracy and keeping it up to date, and making sure it is relevant to purpose.

Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act states that, ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data’. (more…)

Your Valuables: Is Your Hiding Place Really as SAFE as you Think?

Aug 15, 2014

Research conducted by in 2013 revealed that despite the fact homeowners in Britain estimate their home contents to be worth £38,000 on average, they are still using obvious places to hide their valuables.

Things like jewellery, official papers, cash, etc. are, according to the survey, being stashed in sock drawers, under the bed, in the top of the wardrobe, under the bedside table and under the sink. And according to the Crime Prevention Website, it doesn’t end there. Behind books on the bookshelf, in the fridge, in the shed and in the back of the drinks cabinet are more favourite hiding places.  (more…)

Keeping Precious Things Secure in Safes Ancient and Modern

Mar 14, 2014

If you need to keep precious or valuable items in your home, or large amounts of cash, important documents and data on business premises, you’ll no doubt protect them in a locked safe. These days, safes are graded to help you buy the right level of security. We gave an explanation of this in our August blog post last year. (more…)

Safes in the Spotlight: A Safe Buyer’s Guide

Aug 29, 2013

We often talk of multi-layered solutions when it comes to security and a safe is an important layer in your security armoury.

When buying a safe you’ll find yourself faced with a great deal of choice, not least the size, weight and type whether key lock or digital. It is likely that your insurer has stipulated certain specifications to validate your cover, and these will vary depending on the nature of your business, the type of premises you have, your location and possibly other security measures you have in place. (more…)

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