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The Benefits of CCTV in Education Environments

Sep 07, 2016

The use of CCTV in schools is becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a security measure. Whilst any sort of recording medium must be approached sensitively in an educational environment where children are involved, the benefits are being enjoyed by establishments in many ways. (more…)

Dynamic Lockdown Procedures: Developing Your Strategy

Aug 11, 2016

Unfortunately a subject very much on the minds of many of us at this moment in time is terrorism. It is a very real threat for businesses and public places, especially in the Capital, which is why the Government is heavily pushing a system known as ‘dynamic lockdown’. (more…)

Securing Commercial Premises – on the Outside

Jul 01, 2016

When we read about security for commercial premises, lots of attention seems to be given to protecting the building itself, which of course is essential. However there are other aspects of commercial premises that must not be overlooked.

Because it is vital to ensure your commercial security strategy is fully inclusive, you will need to incorporate the entire plot on which the premises sit. So what needs to be considered? Here we look at the features that sit outside commercial premises, and what can be done to keep them – and the building they surround – secure. (more…)

Valuable Advice on Securing Antiques & Works of Art

Sep 23, 2015

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of valuable articles such as antiques or collectables, or artworks such as prints or paintings, then you will no doubt harbour great sentiment over them: precisely why taking serious steps to secure them should be a major priority. In this post we discuss some of the best methods of keeping your valuable items safe and protected. (more…)

Enhancing Security with Natural Measures

Aug 11, 2015

Whilst there is no substitute for a thorough security solution tailored to your particular property and risk level, there are things you can do to enhance your investment. The good news is some of these things are provided by nature!

Traditional physical security measures such as boundary walls, fences and lockable gates can be complemented with bushes, plants, flowers and other landscaping features so as to layer-up to an even higher level of security.

The aim with any security initiative is to reduce the opportunity for crime to take place. You want your property to become less attractive to intruders. So for example, you will aim to reduce their comfort zone, making them feel like they are being watched, or are in a location where they will be easily spotted. (more…)

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