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Security Advice: How to Protect Gardens and Outbuildings

Jun 20, 2014

Many people put a lot of effort into making their homes secure against crime. However, not so many put as much effort into securing their gardens and garden structures.

If you are proud of your garden, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on plants, materials and equipment. You won’t be happy if a would-be thief is thwarted from entering your house so turns attention to the garden shed instead, making off with that expensive lawn mower and a bagful of tools.  (more…)

Preparing for Emergencies

May 14, 2014

Emergencies always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. That’s why everyone needs access to a 24 hour emergency service. And that’s why here at Barry Bros Security, we make sure we have master locksmiths and other security experts available at all hours of the day and night. We understand how devastating it can be when the worst happens and you don’t know which way to turn. If you keep our number in your phone, you can get help within the time it takes us to reach you.  (more…)

Get Answers to your Security Questions at our London Showroom

Apr 11, 2014

Every week we get visitors to our showroom who are looking for advice on the security of their homes or business premises. Some have a fair idea of what is needed and just want to see for themselves the products and systems that are available. Others need more of a helping hand from our expert advisers. (more…)

How to Protect your New Home

Mar 07, 2014

If you move house this spring, you really should get the locks of your new home changed. You don’t know who might have duplicates to the keys you are given. Even when former residents have the best of intentions, they could have forgotten about a set of keys left with a neighbour to fall back on in an emergency. Some new home owners have been known to find keys tucked under a bush or a pot in the front garden. Even if you move into a newly built property you can’t be sure of the integrity of everyone employed by the building contractors. (more…)

Top Tips to Keep Your Home Secure This Winter and Festive Season

Nov 12, 2013

The nights are drawing in and winter will soon be upon us. Before long we will all be getting ready for the festive season. This is a tempting time for burglars who will be on the lookout for easy pickings. Residences will be filling up with more high value items either for Christmas presents or to add more enjoyment to the holidays. Opportunistic thieves might be looking for ways to relieve you of your hard earned holiday extras.

It is time to check the security of your home and consider extra measures. Follow our tips for a safe and secure yuletide: (more…)

Now is the time to spring clean your business security! Here's how... #springclean
- Tuesday Mar 24 - 11:15am