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Precious Metals: How to Prevent Copper & Lead Theft

May 05, 2016

In a recent post we published about protecting vacant property, we mentioned how copper piping and wiring and lead flashing can attract thieves, and to ensure steps are taken to protect any that is on the property.

There are various means of protecting a property from metal theft, which we are discussing in this post. (more…)

CCTV: Not Just for Crime Prevention

Apr 22, 2016

Following on from our post last month about the lesser known benefits of CCTV, this time around we are going to expand upon the point we touched on concerning the fact that CCTV is not just for crime prevention.

As we said, CCTV can be used for all sorts of other applications. From staff training and monitoring through to surveys, analysis, safety and production control as well as protection from fraudulent claims, there are a great deal of benefits that CCTV can offer. Here is just a selection of them. (more…)

Protecting Sensitive Data with Physical Security

Mar 09, 2016

Towards the end of last year, there was probably nothing less covered media wise than the cyber breach suffered by TalkTalk. It struck fear into companies of all sizes, with the realisation that such attacks are not limited to any one type of organisation.

Indeed, any business that uses any form of IT based or online data storage and management system will be exposed to the dangers of hackers, who on a daily basis are discovering new in-roads through network security. (more…)

The Lesser Known Benefits of CCTV

Mar 02, 2016

CCTV offers a raft of benefits. As a preventative security measure, when used alongside intruder alarms and security lighting, CCTV is one of the best deterrents available, particularly when it is backed up by physical security measures such as window bars, door grilles and insurance graded locks.

If you have been considering CCTV as part of your security strategy, you will no doubt be familiar with its numerous advantages such as being able to provide robust evidence in the event of a crime; monitoring unoccupied premises and keeping an eye on unmonitored exit and entry points. But did you know there were even more benefits to investing in CCTV and that it offers a great deal of flexibility that you may not have been aware of?

In this post we take a look at some of the lesser known ways that CCTV can be put to effective use. It’s quite an eye-opener. (more…)

Security Grilles: A Buyer’s Guide

Feb 11, 2016

In our last post we talked about security shutters and how the various types can protect your property from ‘grab and run’ intruders. We also discussed the downsides to certain types of shutters in some situations.

In this post we are going to take a look at a similar physical security measure: retractable security grilles. (more…)

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