Top Tips to Protect Your Holiday Home in Lockdown

Lockdown or pandemic-related travel restrictions, if you’ve got a holiday home or getaway property that you haven’t been able to get to and aren’t quite sure when you’ll be able to make it there, it can be a real worry at this time.

With this in mind, we are sharing our experts’ top tips on holiday home security.

Keeping tabs with smart security

Holiday home securityA plug and play smart CCTV system makes it possible to keep tabs on your holiday home from afar. Wireless, Wi-Fi controlled door, window and motion sensors can be set to trigger cameras to start recording and relaying images to any smart device should activity be detected. So you can literally see in real time what’s happening in your holiday let, regardless of how far away you might be. Footage can be recorded and used as evidence if needed, and some models can detect fires and sound alarms too, or summon the emergency services via a contact centre.

Such systems can also make it possible for you to switch lights on and off remotely, and open and close curtains or blinds as well. This is particularly useful for making it look as though the property is inhabited.

These systems are affordable, and easy to install. Literally plug and play, no need for cables or drilling. Perfect for holiday home security where you don’t want to spoil the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Shutting out prying eyes

Shutters are a popular solution for holiday home security. Preventing prying eyes from seeing that there’s no one home is always an astute move in any home security sense, and shutters will also stop opportunists from spotting anything valuable in the property, such as a TV or home entertainment system.

Shutters can be fitted inside or out, and provide the dual benefit of keeping sunlight at bay too so that furnishings don’t get faded by UV rays. Door or window shutters of course make it all the harder to penetrate a property too. A range of discreet designs are available, and you can choose colours and finishes to suit your property’s décor.

Locking things away

High security locks are vital to keep a property protected, especially when that property has to be left vacant for an unspecified length of time.

You may have a key code or smart entry system set up for your holiday home if you let it out, but a secondary layer of protection is never a bad thing. Patio doors at the back of the property for example can be doubly protected with a Patlock, a specialist solution that not only prevents lock bumping, but also acts as a deterrent. There are other sliding door security solutions too, as well as ways to specifically protect bi-fold doors.

Window locks are vital, especially for lower floors or upper storey windows over flat roofs. Install them, and use them.

Finally, always make sure that your locks are insurance compliant, because if there is a need to make a claim, you will be required to show that you have secured your property in line with any policy warranties.

Bonus tips for holiday home security

As well as our security solutions, the following tips should help you keep your holiday home safe during shutdown periods:

Outbuilding and garden security

Be sure to secure any outbuildings including garages and sheds. It is wise, wherever possible, to remove anything of value too, just in case.

Never leave any garden furniture out on show. As well as proving a temptation for thieves, it could also be used to aid access by climbing. Make certain that back and side gates are properly locked and double-protected with adequate padlocks, and that fencing is secure and strong enough to stand up to high winds and storms so that your property is not left exposed without you knowing about it.

If you can, enlist the services of a local gardener to keep hedges and shrubbery under control. A tidy garden shows that a property is being monitored, and it’s important to make sure that entryways are not obscured too, as they can provide cover for intruders.

General holiday home security

If you have post delivered to your holiday property, be sure to use the Royal Mail Re-Direction service to re-redirect it to your main address.

Enlist the help of a local neighbour to remove any leaflets that are hanging out of the letterbox, and to pop in from time to time to pick up any junk mail and generally check around to make certain all is well.

Holiday home security advice from trusted security experts

If you are seeking advice on holiday home security, Barry Bros Security is at your service. Our accredited experts have been advising property owners with tailored solutions for 75 years. For the advice you need to secure your valued holiday home, and your peace of mind, you are welcome to get in touch.

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