We have talked in the past about how crucial it is to put special measures in place to secure unoccupied property, but what about unoccupied land?

Unoccupied land is highly vulnerable to crime. Not only is vandalism a major and incredibly expensive problem; there is also the very real risk of unauthorised occupation, which can be extremely costly and very time consuming to resolve.

Here we are taking a look at security measures designed to safeguard land that is currently unused, whether it’s awaiting commercial or residential development or sale.

Physical Barriers

Securing unoccupied landThere are a range of barriers that can be employed to protect unoccupied land. Concrete barriers are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from gaining access so that potential trespassers are halted in their attempts to move onto the land. Weighing several tonnes, these barriers cannot be shifted without the use of specialist equipment.

Fencing is another type of physical barrier that adds an extra level of security to unoccupied sites. Opt for specialist fencing such as anti-climb mesh or palisade. The mesh type is quick and easy to install and is also perfect for protecting construction sites, so can be re-used for unoccupied land once it enters development. Palisade fencing is a more permanent structure. Its sharp edging deters would-be intruders simply by its hazardous appearance.

Timber boarding is ideal for land that is set to be unoccupied for a fairly short period of time. It’s secure providing you opt for solid hardwood or plywood plus it is cost effective, but do bear in mind that it doesn’t really provide a long-term solution.

Security doors made from steel will reduce the risk of vandalism or destruction by fire. Tamper-proof fixings are damage resistant, making it a real challenge to break in to the site. These doors can be added to any of the above perimeter protection measures to allow authorised access as and when necessary.

Intruder Alarms

Monitored alarms will provide the peace of mind you need that your unoccupied site is protected round the clock. Following any attempted break-in, a keyholder, the police or a trained security professional will be instantly alerted for immediate action.

CCTV Monitoring

If you really want to stay aware of what is going on at your unoccupied land, 24-hour surveillance courtesy of CCTV monitoring offers the perfect solution. Whether you layer up your CCTV monitoring with an alarm that alerts a response service, the police or a keyholder; or you opt for alerts to be sent to your smartphone or tablet when unexpected movement is detected, CCTV will provide numerous benefits. Not only will it prompt a response when needed, it will also act as a deterrent and provide vital recorded evidence for prosecutions. Having CCTV in operation will usually help bring insurance premiums down too.

Tailored Advice from a 60+ Year Experienced Security Specialist

Barry Bros Security has been providing security advice to organisations, businesses and individuals for more than six decades. Working closely with our customers, we ensure that all the solutions we devise are specifically tailored to the individual situation and level of threat. If you have a piece of land that is going to be unoccupied for some time, whatever its size, why not talk to our experts about how we can help you secure it?