Three Ways to Added Sliding Door Security

Despite the move towards bi-fold doors, traditional sliding doors are still maintaining popularity.

Despite the move towards bi-fold doors, traditional sliding doors are still maintaining popularity. If you are seeking ways to reinforce the security of your sliding doors in addition to standard locks, the following helpful tips should prove useful.

In a recent post, we talked about methods you can use to secure bi-fold doors. This type of door has become incredibly popular and is a staple of interior design and outdoor landscaping TV favourites.

Despite the move towards bi-fold doors however, traditional sliding doors are still maintaining popularity. They continue to offer a great deal of convenience and space-saving benefits and, thanks to modern design and production methods, sliding doors are now more about the view and less about the frame.


If you have sliding doors in your home, or are considering investing in a set, you will want to ensure that they are as secure as possible. You will of course opt for the best quality locks your budget allows, and have them installed by a professional to be certain that they are protecting you fully. This is certainly something that the experts here at Barry Bros Security can assist you with.

We are also aware of a variety of other security measures for sliding doors that you can request from your local door specialists or glaziers, so, by way of helpful advice we thought we’d bring some of them together for you in this post.

Method 1: Track Blockers

A specially designed security bar fitted into sliding door tracks will inhibit movement of the doors. It also provides the ideal solution for when you want to keep the door partially open to let air in during the warmer months, but wish to ensure the door cannot be opened any further.

These bars are usually extendable and adjustable to fit most track and door sizes and built to withstand repeated impact. They cannot be reached from the outside, providing they are correctly installed and adjusted – just be sure to follow that last piece of advice.

Method 2: Anti-Lift Devices

One of the greatest risks with sliding doors is the fact that they are susceptible to being lifted off their tracks and moved above whatever obstruction may be preventing them from being compromised.

Anti-lift devices, when fitted to the top of the door frame, reduce the gap between the frame and the top of the door, meaning the door can no longer be lifted and therefore cannot be taken off its runners.

Some specially designed anti-lift door plates can be used for both securing a door closed, and for securing it when partially open so that it cannot be opened further.

Method 3: Reinforced Glass

Reinforcing the glass of your sliding doors, if this has not already been done during the manufacturing process, is a great way to strengthen the overall security of your doors.

Window security film is designed to withstand extreme pressure and can be used not just to prevent break-ins, but also as a safety measure in that the film acts to keep glass together in the event of breakage.

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