Business Security: Getting the Team Involved

Taking steps to keep all aspects of your business safe and secure is imperative, especially in light of the recent cyber-attack on the NHS and the raising of the UK’s threat level to critical.

Taking steps to keep all aspects of your business safe and secure is imperative, especially in light of the recent cyber-attack on the NHS and the raising of the UK’s threat level to critical.

We have in the past looked at what’s involved in developing a dynamic lockdown strategy so that everyone is prepared in the event of a fast moving attack onsite or in the immediate vicinity of your premises. We’ve also talked about measures that can be taken to protect sensitive data through physical means.

Of course these measures are only going to be effective if everyone within the organisation knows about them. Installing measures is one thing, but communicating how they should be used is the vital end of the strategy.

On that note, there are various steps a business can take in order to make security a team effort, which are what we’re looking at in this post.

Safety in Numbers

If you allow members of your team to lock up at the end of the day, or open up at start of business in the morning, make it a policy that they don’t let each other do it alone. This provides a double advantage. Firstly, there is safety in numbers. A waiting intruder is far less likely to approach an accompanied individual, plus there’s the double-check benefit: when locking up it’s much easier to overlook something if you haven’t got someone to verify the process of locking up correctly with you.

Doing things in pairs should also apply to bank runs or the delivery of any sensitive documents.

Take Care Outside

The car park can be a risky place, as can pathways leading off the premises. Ensure they are well lit by installing security lighting and make sure a walk-around of the property is included in a new worker’s induction so that they are completely familiar with all areas of it.

The safety in numbers rule should also apply here: if staff are leaving after sun down or arriving before sun up, ensure they don’t do so alone. Instil an attitude of helpfulness and looking out for each other within your team so that there is always someone on hand to offer a chaperone service.

Report Suspicious Persons

Encourage your employees to be on their guard at all times, looking out for any suspicious loiterers or anyone who doesn’t seem familiar or who isn’t wearing an ID badge if applicable.

Make sure everyone feels comfortable in reporting their suspicions, even if they seem trivial. Make it clear as to the line of reporting so there is no doubt or confusion in what could prove to be an urgent situation.

Share Concerns

Making your team feel comfortable about sharing any concerns they may have is a wise approach. Whilst the majority of reports will probably prove to be nothing sinister, that one single instance of overlooking something that seemed a little unusual but perhaps trivial could be the very thing that results in a major issue for your business.

Educate your staff about suspicious emails; missing or corrupted files; passwords that no longer work; new programs mysteriously appearing on a PC or device; internet browsers redirecting automatically; disabled anti-virus software; slow running computers or systems that won’t update. These could all be signs that a system or network has been hacked.

Make sure staff are aware of the importance of setting robust passwords and not sharing them with anyone and be absolutely certain to let them know that if at any point a device they use for work has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way they must report it immediately.

Don’t leave out physical signs of a potential intrusion either: keys that feel unusually stiff in locks; locks or doors that appear to have been tampered with or damaged; an intruder alarm code that no longer works; a door entry card, fob or code that’s stopped functioning; a broken window, or boot prints under a window could all be signs that an attempt has been made to breach the security of the premises.

How to Make Your Team Feel Safe at Work

Of course you don’t want to strike fear into your team: you want them to feel safe and secure whilst at work, so make sure they are clear that the steps you are asking them to take are for added vigilance. You can further reassure them by ensuring your commercial security systems are up to date and well-maintained and compliant with modern standards.

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