Security Solutions for the Health & Fitness Sector

There’s a lot to be said for peace of mind, and in the health and fitness sector this needs to extend right the way through from management, to staff and patrons alike.

There’s a lot to be said for peace of mind, and in the health and fitness sector this needs to extend right the way through from management, to staff and patrons alike. Of course, security will play an important role in this.

Security solutions for the health and fitness sector have to blend in perfectly. Club surroundings are sleek and modern, and the layers of security that protect them must be unobtrusive so that protection is delivered without affecting members’ experience.

Health and fitness club security has numerous functions to undertake. Not only does it need to protect everyone who works at and uses the facility, it also needs to offer a watchful eye over equipment, and deliver an important health and safety role.

Heading off Security Threats From the Outside in

CCTV monitoring and access control are ideal security solutions for gyms and health clubs. Due to the perceived wealth of club members, unfortunately such establishments tend to be targets for thieves. A well thought-out system incorporating cameras, controlled access and panic-button style alarms reduces risk and protects from potential violence, theft and vandalism.

It is highly recommended that CCTV surveillance extends from the very perimeter inwards. Car parks can be prone to risk so proactive monitoring via strategically placed cameras will allow protection of patrons and staff as they arrive and depart. Upon detection of any issue, security lighting can be activated in low light conditions; audible warnings triggered and assistance called.

Cameras used outside of the club, whether to cover car parks or to monitor outdoor facilities such as tennis courts or track and field areas, will need to be suitably protected from the elements courtesy of weather proof sealing and housing that will ensure rain, snow, frost and falling branches will not prevent the system from functioning properly.

Privacy Considerations

Of course once you get inside the facility, the use of security cameras will throw up issues concerning privacy. For this reason it is important to ensure cameras are only installed in public areas and that the relevant signage is utilised. Cameras in changing and locker rooms are obviously a no-go.

All security solutions should begin with an expert consultation. The first question will always be, what is the biggest area of concern? A security expert will look at previous security breaches and will then follow up with a thorough survey of the premises, both inside and out. Outdoor and indoor facilities will be considered, together with the number of patrons and the size of the workforce. If you host special events then a solution that is scalable will usually be suggested so that measures can be boosted as required.

If you are seeking advice on security solutions tailored to the health and fitness sector, talk to Barry Bros Security. Whether you are looking to protect a single independent facility, or need a multi-layered, bespoke solution to cover an entire national chain, you can rely on our many decades of experience and expertise.

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