Security in Food Production: How IP CCTV is Taking the Reins

In a recent post about some of the more versatile uses of CCTV, we touched upon its use as a security measure in food production.

In a recent post about some of the more versatile uses of CCTV, we touched upon its use as a security measure in food production. In this post we are going to expand upon the issues of security in this sector, offering a range of solutions for this very specialised and sensitive area of manufacturing.

As we discussed previously, food production demands very high levels of security so that consumer confidence can be bolstered. When combined with access control and intruder detection, CCTV forms a very sophisticated method of controlling admission and, for those operating 24-hour production, there is the major advantage of being able to monitor round the clock from any location using an IP based system.

Defining Perimeters

IP CCTV and detection systems are very good at defining perimeters for personnel and vehicles. Contraventions will trigger alerts and footage can be viewed in real time from any device, and dealt with accordingly.

Compliance Monitoring

These systems can also be used for statutory compliance monitoring at the various crucial stages of production. Detecting health and safety infringements is straightforward courtesy of real time footage that allows intervention when impending risks are detected. Recordings can then be used for training and if necessary, disciplinary measures.

IP CCTV is widely used on food production lines to make sure produce is the correct weight and shape in order to fit into the appropriate packaging. And the uses don’t end there. Production methods can be analysed so that improvements can be implemented in order to halt stoppages, effect cost savings and enhance standards. And the effectiveness of cleaning processes can be recorded both for checking and evidence of standards compliance.

The British Retail Consortium has in the last few years demanded more stringent monitoring of food processing areas and has called for sensitive or restrictive areas to be clearly defined and marked, monitored and controlled.

A Strong Case for Integrated Security Systems and IP CCTV

There is clearly a strong case for the use of integrated security systems with IP CCTV at their core in the food processing industry. Of course, systems need to be fully tailored and product housings compliant with health, safety and hygiene standards. Specialist knowledge and experience is therefore essential.

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