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Is Wireless Security a Viable Option for your Business?

Nov 24, 2015

If you are considering options for a new or replacement security system for your business, it is likely you will have come across numerous alternatives. There is plenty of choice, and it can be confusing deciding which would be the most beneficial for your particular set-up and level of risk.

Taking independent advice from a security professional that is unbiased and can provide access to solutions and products from right across the market is essential. Do this, and one of the solutions you will no doubt be presented with is wireless security.

Wireless intruder alarm and CCTV systems are often recommended for modern premises, and on the opposite side of the coin, for older period or timber framed properties. The absence of cabling is the key benefit in these cases, but it’s not the only advantage, and modern and period properties are definitely not the only types of premises that can benefit from wireless security. (more…)

How Access Control is Revolutionising Customer Loyalty (and Other Lesser Known Benefits)

Nov 11, 2015

Countless businesses use access control systems to protect their premises by restricting entry to authorised personnel. No longer needing to worry about locks being compromised or the inconvenience of replacing locks when keys have been misplaced, and enjoying peace of mind that your building is protected day-round from opportunist intruders are excellent advantages. (more…)

Now is the time to spring clean your business security! Here's how... #springclean
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