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Time to Check your Multipoint Locks

Jan 15, 2015

Multipoint door locks go hand-in-hand with uPVC and composite doors so if you have one or more of those, you can be pretty certain you have a multipoint lock fitted. They are also used on modern timber doors.

Multipoint systems lock in three places and provide a tight, weatherproof seal. They are considered one of the most secure door locking systems available and come in a range of security levels.

As good as they are, however, it must be remembered that any lock is subject to a limited lifespan. Research undertaken by lock specialists Yale in 2012 suggested that as many as one million multipoint door locks were close to the end of their lifecycle and could fail during that year, potentially leaving thousands of homes unsecured and homeowners locked out of – or even into – their properties. (more…)

How to Stay Within the Law When Using CCTV

Jan 07, 2015

CCTV is one of the best weapons in the fight against theft and crime and, in the UK, the public are well used to seeing CCTV cameras pretty much everywhere they go.

Whilst the public are generally supportive of these cameras, it is important to be aware of the fact that they do involve a certain degree of intrusion into people’s lives. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has conducted research into the public’s perceptions when it comes to the use of CCTV, finding that there is an expectation that it is used responsibly and with certain safeguards in place.

Organisations that use CCTV are required to do so within the realms of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act does not apply when CCTV is used in a domestic environment to protect a home from burglary, just in a commercial setting. (more…)

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