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Shocking Statistics Reveal Worrying Business Security Gaps

Nov 25, 2014

Are you worried as a business about crime? You are not alone – some 81% of businesses have said it is a problem in their local area.

Surprisingly though, almost a quarter – 24% – do not have an intruder alarm fitted. With 75% of incidents happening when premises are unoccupied, this is incredibly worrying. Intruder alarms can alert key holders and / or the police to a suspected break-in, so you can imagine how the statistics would change for the better if some or all of that 24% went ahead and had one fitted. (more…)

Is the Traditional Metal Key About to be Locked out of our Lives?

Nov 11, 2014

Keys have been in use since ancient Egyptian times. In fact, the modern key we use today, invented by Linus Yale Junior in 1861, was based on the 4,000 year-old principle behind the original creation.

Amazing really, in today’s age of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it technical innovation, that something manual that has been around for so long is still in use. With electronic versions of so many day-to-day things now being the norm – from flight boarding passes to music – it makes you wonder how the humble key has survived, and begs the question, how much longer will it be a part of our lives? (more…)

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