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Keeping Precious Things Secure in Safes Ancient and Modern

Mar 14, 2014

If you need to keep precious or valuable items in your home, or large amounts of cash, important documents and data on business premises, you’ll no doubt protect them in a locked safe. These days, safes are graded to help you buy the right level of security. We gave an explanation of this in our August blog post last year. (more…)

How to Protect your New Home

Mar 07, 2014

If you move house this spring, you really should get the locks of your new home changed. You don’t know who might have duplicates to the keys you are given. Even when former residents have the best of intentions, they could have forgotten about a set of keys left with a neighbour to fall back on in an emergency. Some new home owners have been known to find keys tucked under a bush or a pot in the front garden. Even if you move into a newly built property you can’t be sure of the integrity of everyone employed by the building contractors. (more…)

Data protection is crucial for any business, but few focus on physical security when it comes to cyber threats. How…
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