Is the patent on your security keys about to run out? If it does, anyone can get a key duplicated anywhere without having to produce the High Security Registration Card. They don’t even have to go to an authorised dealer. Your keys registration card will be redundant. You’ll have no way of knowing for sure who holds extra keys or how many are in circulation. Key system patents only last for 20 years and a number of these are due to run out this year. 

When Will your Key Patents Run Out

Not sure whether your keys will be affected? If you have a Mul T Lock key and headed ‘Interactive’, its patent expired at the end of 2013.

If you are affected, don’t panic. We offer a full consultancy service for domestic and business locking systems. We can help you decide whether to upgrade all or some of your keys to new 24 year patented Interactive+, or set up different key systems patented to 2027 and beyond.

Maximum Security Confidence

 If you don’t already have a master key system, this could be the time to change to one. At home one key will open all the doors to your house and save you the hassle of working out which one you need for which entrance. For your business where the master key will open all doors, by creating a hierarchy system you could also issue individuals with a key for access to certain areas or even incorporate a Grand Master hierarchy level for multi-site properties.

Working for over 60 years to safeguard British homes and businesses, we have always done our best to keep up with new and helpful developments. We know that security locks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Some now are bump proof and virtually un-pick-able, so you can be even more confident that unwelcome visitors will be kept out. Anti-wear features have been added to their cylinders and a new disc controller with a structure requiring a moving element in the key.

A system upgrade will therefore not only protect you from a patent expiration, it will also bring additional security measures that were not previously available. You can have even more peace of mind that your premises are safe and secure. If it could be time for action on your keys, contact us for a consultation on the best way to proceed.